Free 4D3N Stay in Phuket Resort - No Wedding Car Booking Required

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Dear Valued Customers,

White Wedding Cars first started out as a niche wedding car rental service when the Singapore car rental industry had a stigma for White Cars due to the traditional mentally that White Cars are hard to maintain. Singapore Wedding Couples almost had no choices for White Cars to rent for their wedding day in Singapore.

White Wedding Cars first started as one car to provide wedding couples' with a well maintained White Wedding Car for their dream wedding. With raving reviews from couples on FB and recommendations through word of mouth, we grew to 12 cars at one point. Offering our couples from affordable convertible cars, like the Peugeot 208cc to the ever popular BMW Z4 and comfortably chauffeured BMW 320i to the Maserati GT Coupe.

As the market started to see demand for White Wedding Cars, many rental companies and even Authorised Distributors started to bring in White Cars. While the market started getting competitive, on the other hand, we are happy that wedding couples in Singapore started to see more choices of white cars to rent for their wedding.

As one of the audacious marketing bundle ever, White Wedding Cars launched the Free 4D3N Stay in Phuket with every booking of our cars. Initial wedding couples were skeptical but as we started to send more and more couples over, it became a norm.

Check out the testimonials below:

As White Wedding Cars has already achieved what the business set out for; To help wedding couples to have more choices of White Cars for their wedding day. We have decided to stop offering our services. 

However, we will still love to continue sending wedding couples, new or old, to Phuket! The good news is, most of our couples have also started their family and the Phuket stay is family friendly with Kids Club! 

Check out the blog at Ashlyn Thia for more pictures and information of the resort

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